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Community Forum on School Safety

By • Apr 3rd, 2013 • Category: Events, News & Events

The Pittsfield School District will be holding its second Community Forum on School Safety, Wednesday, April 17 at 6:00 PM at the Pittsfield Elementary School. This forum, co-sponsored by the Pittsfield Elementary School PTO and Pittsfield Parent Connection, is a follow-up to the Safety Forum held back in December that addressed community concerns and provided information pertaining to the emergency protocols in place within Pittsfield Schools.

Since the December Safety Forum, the Pittsfield School District Crisis Team has met with Gregg Champlin of the Department of NH Homeland Security to audit the District’s Emergency Response Plan. Mr. Champlin then shared seven procedures that might be used during various emergency situations.

The Crisis team will be sharing the results of their meeting and providing information to the public as to how community members might become involved as team members moving forward in this work.

Answers to questions posed at the initial meeting will also be addressed and an opportunity for more questions from the community will be made available.

Your participation in this event will provide the Pittsfield School District Crisis Team valuable feedback as they refine the District’s Emergency Response Plan.

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