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Historical Walking Trail - Pittsfield NH


~ Continued ~


18.  Adjacent to Ft. Wilkins is the third building to house the Congregational Church in Pittsfield. The first on this site was a wooden structure erected in 1839. In December of  1871 quite a commotion was caused when the bell fell from the belfry while it was being tolled for Sunday services. Considerable damage was done but no one was hurt. The bell and the entire building, were destroyed by fire in 1876. This brick, High Victorian Gothic structure with needle spire was immediately erected in its place.


Union Block 1840-70, Congregational Church 1839-76


19.  Next on the Trail is the Queen Anne / Commercial style Union Block also erected after the disastrous fire of Valentine's Day 1876. It was in this building that in 1894 one of Pittsfield's most daring burglaries took place. The perpetrators broke into the post office in the back of the building, drilled holes into the safe, filled them with powder and lit the fuse. The door blew off awakening the entire neighborhood but the burglars made off with $1100 worth of stamps and $25 in cash. they were never apprehended.


Union Block 1876-95


20.  Across the street is the Tuttle Block, erected in 1874 during the aftermath of another disastrous fire which had destroyed several buildings on that side of the street the previous year. This large Renaissance Revival commercial building with round-headed windows was the third location of the famous H. A. Tuttle Clothing Store. Hiram Tuttle, later governor of N. H., initially hired many employees to make tailor-made suits. Later he increased his business tremendously by selling "off-the-rack" clothing in 13 states.


Hiram A. Tuttle


 21.  The vacant lot across the street contained Pittsfield's first frame building known for nearly a century as the Washington House. Erected by town founder John Cram in 1769, it quickly became the social, economic and political center of town during his lifetime. Here he ran an inn which through the years increased in size. In 1866 a two story piazza was added and in 1873 a third floor. It was named after America's first president, although he never stayed there. The building was destroyed by fire in 1984 and razed in 1993.


Washington House 1861


Washington House c1900


 22.  Across the street is the R. P. J. Tenney House erected immediately after the fire of 1873 which had destroyed the doctor's dwelling house, double tenement building, out buildings and their entire contents.  At the time it was Pittsfield's finest. The Italianate style residence with classically derived entry portico, contained 19 rooms and was built at a cost of $10,000, a monumental sum in those days. Only a wealthy individual such as the well known Dr. Tenney could have afforded such an extravagance.


23.  The large Greek Revival house next door was erected during the early Nineteenth Century to provide quarters for agents of the Cotton Mill and thus became known as the Agents' House. Among the Nineteenth Century agents were James Treat, Hervey Kent, Orman Davis, and George Kent. It was the latter Mr. Kent who, in 1889 had the gable entry porch and side veranda added by contractor L. L. Caswell. Unfortunately a part of the unique, arts and crafts style stick work on the side veranda was destroyed by the tornado of 1999. E. P. Sanderson, important industrialist and Pittsfield benefactor, was born here.


Agents House With Arts and Crafts Veranda



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This trail data/booklet was prepared by Larry Berkson, President of the Pittsfield Historical Society.  Without his diligence this material would not be available.



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