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Community Service


Completing 37.5 hours of community service awards each student with one-quarter credit towards graduation.  Community service is considered part of the PMHS course of studies and it is required for a student to graduate from Pittsfield High School.  The requirements for this course must be completed independently or in groups by all students. Advisors will regularly monitor student completion of community service.  Community service is work performed in service to your community while enrolled in school grades 7 through 12 at PMHS. A service performed for an individual or business requires pre-approval by the advisor.  To receive credit for community service, a student must complete a Community Service Verification Form (obtained from the Guidance  Office or the Main Office) and turn in copies to the Guidance Office and their advisor.


The Community Service Verification Form is also available here by clicking on the link.  Students are responsible for tracking their progress towards fulfilling the community service requirement in advisory.  The Attendance Office will send out quarterly updates to advisors.

Please contact Sheila Ward at PMHS to post community service opportunities or request assistance at (603) 435-6701 X1117 or