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ELO Overview at PMHS

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Primary acquisition of knowledge and skills through instruction or study outside of the traditional classroom methodology.

ELO Make Up

  ELOs are: ELOs are Not:
About rigorous academic standards based on standards and competencies Intended to be an easy way for students to achieve credit
An extension of the classroom To remove a student from a classroom
A way for teachers to individualize instruction and share their passions Intended to replace local teachers
About demonstrating growth and achievement Based on amount of time spent on task
An expansion beyond the school building and into the community Always school-based
Before and after school, on weekends, during vacations, and during the summer Always between the opening and closing school bells
Applying knowledge Memorizing facts

Rewards of being an Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT):

· It allows teachers to personalize their subject discipline and to support much deeper explorations of it than are possible in limited class time;

· It is also satisfying for teachers to help a student toward a successful graduation through a fulfilling learning experience;

· It allows teachers to see a student gain the knowledge and confidence that he/she cam succeed if an interest is pursued with dedication.

When surveyed, students have reported that the interest of their HQT or overseeing educator is the most rewarding part of the ELO for them – the knowledge that an adult is interested n their learning and supports them in that.

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Faculty ELO Handbook

ELO Documents:

· Code of Ethics

· Community, Student, and School Agreement Form

· ELO Application

· ELO Approval (Signature) Form

· ELO Faculty Review and Exit Survey

· ELO Planning Form

· Individual Progress Reporting Check-In Form

· Site Outreach Plan

· Time Sheet

Project, Portfolio, Presentation Resources:

· Project, Presentation, and Portfolio Resource Guide

Sample Evaluation Rubrics:

· Essay

· Independent, Self-Direct Learner

· Interview

· Job Shadow Portfolio

· Presentation

· Project

· Reflection

· Research

· Resume and Cover Letter

· Roundtable Discussions

· Thank You


· Class-Based ELO Personal Interest Inventory

· Class-Based Individual ELO Planning Guide

· Community Partner Communication Log

· Electronic Journaling Directions

· FAQs on Insurance

· Reflection Journal Description

· DOL Restricted Activities

· Shared Language for ELOs