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ELOs are non-traditional educational learning experiences which are interest/talent based that provide students opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills through hands-on learning adventures outside the classroom.

ELOs in Our Community

Students earn high school credit while working with community mentors in a setting of their choosing. The student, community mentor, Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT), and ELO Coordinator are a team that plans the competencies, activities, and performance based assessments, that students will engage in during their ELO experience.

Competencies are school developed course requirements that indicate the expected content, concepts, and skills to be mastered in a particular learning experience. These may also be considered “essential understandings”.


ELO Assessment/Evaluation

ELO credit is awarded based on competency completion.

Competency based performance assessments may include: presentations, demonstrations, “give back” projects, portfolios, research/proposal projects, and will include an on-going collection and evaluation of ELO participation evidence.


What can an ELO do for you?

ELOs provide students with the opportunity to follow their passion while earning credit toward their high school diploma. The relevance makes some students more vested in their high school experience. Mentors working with a highly qualified teacher provide students with a community experience while working on the educational goals established by the State of New Hampshire.

ELO Opportunities· Independent study· Private instruction

· Performing groups

· Internships

· Community service

· Service learning

· Field based investigations

· Apprenticeships

· Job shadowing

· On the job training

· Virtual/distant learning

(non credit earning)

· Travel

· Campus-based/online courses

· School-based enterprises

· Clubs and organizations

ELO Benefits for Students· Earn credit and enhance career portfolio· Explore career interests and options

· Gain specific workplace skills and knowledge

· Acquire increased motivation to excel in school

· Build self-confidence in working with adults

· Develop positive self-image, peer recognition, and leadership skills

· Gain skills to be an independent, self-directed life-learner

Potential ELO Experiences In Pittsfield and surrounding areas:  
Accounting/CPAAdult Care and ServicesAnimal Care

Automotive Care

Banking and Financial Services


Child Care

Cable and Internet


City Management

Computer services/web design




Economic Development


Fire and Police Department

Health and Beauty

Heating and Fuel

Highway Department


LodgingManufacturing and MarketingMusic, News, and Media

Parks and Recreation

Politics and Government


Pittsfield Drug and Alcohol


Pittsfield Historical Society

Pittsfield Library

Pittsfield Youth Baseball

Pittsfield Youth Workshop


Real Estate

Restoration and Improvement


Service Organizations

Solid Waste and Disposal

Waste Water Treatment


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ELO Documents:

· Code of Ethics

· Community, Student, and School Agreement Form

· ELO Application

· ELO Approval (Signature) Form

· Parent Release Form

· Time Sheet

· Individual Progress Reporting Check-In Form

ELO Job Shadow:

· Health Care Confidentiality and Liability Form

· Job Shadow Application

· Job Shadow Competencies and Learning Activities

· Job Shadow Portfolio Guideline

· Job Shadow Portfolio Outline

ELO Internships:

· Health Care Confidentiality and Liability Form

Project, Portfolio, Presentation Resources:

· Project, Presentation, and Portfolio Resource Guide

ELO and Site Planning Documents:

· ELO Planning Form (may be used prior to beginning ELO Applications)

· Site Outreach Plan

Sample Evaluation Rubrics:

· Essay

· Independent, Self-Direct Learner

· Interview

· Job Shadow Portfolio

· Presentation

· Project

· Reflection

· Research

· Resume and Cover Letter

· Roundtable Discussions

· Thank You


· Electronic Journaling Directions

· FAQs on Insurance

· Reflection Journal Description

· DOL Restricted Activities

· Shared Language for ELOs