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State House Visit

My name is Ulviyya Akbarova and I come from Baku, the capital of a country in Eastern Europe, Azerbaijan. Last year I decided to become an exchange student to the USA to find out more about the American life. Sincerely, it was the best decision I have ever made. Since the day I came to Pittsfield, New Hampshire, my life changed forever. If you know any exchange students in your town or at your school, you can always hear their stories about their adventurous American life full of experience. However, you cannot consider your exchange year full of experience if you have never experienced being a part of the legislative process. Fortunately, I got a chance to see how rules are made in the US Government.

On the 4th of March, my exchange friend from Bangladesh, Ifreet Taheea, and I went on a trip to the State House of New Hampshire. We were welcomed by the sergeant at arms and she explained what we would have to do and gave us a tour of the entire State House. Later, we got a chance to meet the speaker of the house, discuss with him different problems, introduce him a little bit to our countries, and also took pictures with him that were posted on all social media platforms by the House. When the session was about to start, a gentleman asked us to stand in front of the 400 representatives of the house and both Ifreet and I were a little confused as to what was happening. Later, we heard our names called out by the speaker addressing us as the guests of honor and all the representatives stood up and gave us a round of applause. From American Government class we knew how the politicians vote for laws by saying “yay” or “nay”. It was hard to believe that it was true (seems too funny for such a serious process), but it was great to experience the legislative process in real life. Honestly, one needs to be where we were to feel the atmosphere. It grows on you and makes you feel empowered. Ifreet and I would like to thank Pittsfield Middle High School, especially our American Government class teacher, Erin Bozek, and Mrs. Baldwin, for giving us such an opportunity.