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PES Musical Notes

Check out the new PES music website. Band lessons are underway and will run from 7:30-8:00 AM. Flute lessons will be on Monday, saxophones will meet on Tuesday, clarinets on Wednesday, and trumpets and percussion on Thursday. If you have any questions about band, please contact Mrs. O’Connor. Happy music making!

Eagle Scout Makeover of PES Nature Trail

Not everybody knows about the quarter-mile nature trail behind PES. In recent years, brush , tree limbs, and muddy areas have made passage challenging.

Thanks to PMHS 9th grader Kyle Hamel, the trail is now the best it’s ever been. For his Eagle Scout project, Kyle and friends have transformed the trail, brought light, firm footing, and even furniture to our wooded backyard.

Kyle has constructed three wooden benches with views of the wetland and constructed a small amphitheatre, suitable for a class meeting. Barton Lumbar donated building materials. Several scouts and scout leaders donated labor and equipment.

We thank Kyle for leading this project for all Pittsfield residents to enjoy.

Student ID Cards

As part of contract with the school photo company, Geskus, children are issued photo ID cards, which we are sending home with children today. The bar code on the ID is not activated. In future years we might choose to use these cards in conjunction with our food services program, but right now they are not required for any school service.

Security and Dismissal!

Safety and Security are our First Priority!

A New PES Security System. Over the summer a new entryway security system was installed for the main entrance to Pittsfield Elementary School.  The security system allows our staff to secure the building during the school day, keeping the front door locked so that no-one can enter without being screened by the office.   When visitors approach the office between hours of 8:00 until 4:00, the doors will be locked.  Visitors press a buzzer, are greeted by the receptionist in the front office, and after being cleared, are buzzed into the building.   

A New PES Dismissal Routine.  Last spring PES successfully piloted a more efficient dismissal process for the end of the school day.  We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from parents and staff.  We plan to keep the new dismissal routine in place for the 2012-13 school year.  The new dismissal plan encourages walking and also makes car pick-up more convenient for parents by opening up the main loop to personal vehicles at 2:25. (more…)

An Invitation to Join the Pittsfield Parent Connection

“The mission of the Pittsfield Parent Connection is to improve the education of our children through collaborative actions by organizing conversation and communication between home and school.”

We would like to invite any and all parents who are interested in learning about this group, to come to the next meeting. For more information or questions to be answered please feel free to contact Katie  or Stephanie . All parents are welcome!