Thank you for visiting.  Let me be direct: we want you to move your business to our community.  Pittsfield wants to be a friend of business – your business.  Do you have questions about relocating here?  Do you want a tour of what Pittsfield has to offer?  Would you like a “business liaison” to help you in the relocation process?  Take a look around.  I am sure you will like what you see.  Our location is perfect for companies of all sizes.  Our hard-working residents are ready to work for you.  Scan through the available properties in Pittsfield.  From move-in ready buildings to wide open spaces, we have something for everyone.  Check out Our Stories, discover who your new neighbors can be.  As the head of the Economic Development Committee, I can assure you our town’s leaders are motivated to help and excited about a new influx of people, ideas and products into Pittsfield.  So take a look around.  I think you’ll like it here.


Ted Mitchell – Chair, Pittsfield Economic Development Committee



EDC Members:

Ted Mitchell - Chair

Marilyn Roberts - Vice-Chair

Ellen Barbasso - Secretary

Linda Small - Member

Paul Sherwood - Member

Donna Ward - Member

Susan Muenzinger - Member

  Organizations Working with us:
Central NH Regional Planning Commission
Capital Region Development Corporation
Suncook Valley Regional Development Corporation
Arnett Development Group LLC

Economic Development Committee Page


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