Thank you for visiting.  Let me be direct: we want you to move your business to our community.  Pittsfield wants to be a friend of business – your business.  Do you have questions about relocating here?  Do you want a tour of what Pittsfield has to offer?  Would you like a “business liaison” to help you in the relocation process?  Take a look around.  I am sure you will like what you see.  Our location is perfect for companies of all sizes.  Our hard-working residents are ready to work for you.  Scan through the available properties in Pittsfield.  From move-in ready buildings to wide open spaces, we have something for everyone.  Check out Our Stories, discover who your new neighbors can be.  As the head of the Economic Development Committee and a member of the Board of Selectmen, I can assure you our town’s leaders are motivated to help and excited about a new influx of people, ideas and products into Pittsfield.  So take a look around.  I think you’ll like it here.


Ed Vien – Chair, Pittsfield Economic Development Committee

EDC Members:

Ed Vien - SB Rep and Chairperson

Ellen Barbasso - Member, Secretary

Linda Small - Member,

Helen Schiff - Member

Susan Muenzinger, Member

Marilyn Roberts, Member

Ted Mitchell, Member

  Professionals Working with us:
Central NH Regional Commission
Capital Region Development Corporation

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