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Pittsfield Employee of the Month


The Select board has recently established a recognition program to acknowledge our valuable Town Employees.  An employee will be chosen monthly from qualifying nomination forms that are submitted to the Town Administrator.  The recipients will receive a letter of Congratulations, Employee of the Month Certificate, Employees picture to be displayed at the Town Hall, Recognition on Towns website and in the Suncook Valley Sun.

EOM Criteria | EOM Nomination Form

Congratulation Carol Grainger

Employee of the Month - May 2009

The Select Board is proud to announce Carol Grainger as Mayís Employee of the Month.  Carol is currently Assistant Librarian of Josiah Carpenter Library.  Carol is a long time resident of the town, a retired Pittsfield school teacher and has worked at the library for over twenty years.

As the Summer Program Coordinator, Carol will be organizing many of the summer reading programs. ďSummertimeÖ And the Reading is Easy!Ē  Is a program that is designed to encourage parents and children to read in a relaxed environment.  Readers of all ages can also enroll in exciting programs such as The Young Saver Account Program and Hit the Books program along with other reading challenges.  Throughout the summer there will be activities, crafts and special projects that Carol will be directing.  Carolís knowledge, dedication and innovative thinking have made childrenís programming fun.

Carol supervises new volunteers at the Library training and mentoring them to be future librarians.  Carols initiative, creativity and expertise have positively impacted the Library throughout the years.  Carol is pleasant, helpful and professional in her job and a great support to all the staff.  Carol is flexible in her time, her job description and open minded to trying new ideas.   Carol is eager to offer patrons the latest resources and research materials which have provide a valuable service to our community.  

The Select Board would like to recognize Carol for her long term commitment to the community and acknowledge her contributions which have enhanced the quality of life in Pittsfield for everyone.


Maryellen Plante

Employee of the Month - April 2009


The Select Board is proud to announce Maryellen Plante as Aprilís Employee of the month.  Maryellen has been the director of The FB Argue Recreation area town pool for over three years and has also served as secretary for the parks and recreation commission.

Maryellen strives hard to provide year-round leisure opportunities for our citizens, by continual being involved with organizing a variety of programs for all ages to participate in.  During the summer months Maryellen Directly contributed to the success of such programs as Red Cross swimming lessons, bingo and an outdoor movie.  Maryellenís enthusiasm and dedication have contributed to other popular town events such as the annual fishing derby, winter fest and harvest fest all of these events have provided entertainment throughout our community.  Maryellenís hard work, creative thinking and organizing of recreational activities has sent a positive message that by working together we can build community spirit.

The Select Board would like to recognize Maryellen for her community involvement and applaud her for her dedication to enhancing the overall quality of life, by devoting her time to preserving our parks and recreational areaís while maintaining a safe setting for all our citizens.

Jim Girard

Employee of the Month - March 2009


The Select Board is proud to announce Jim Girard as Marchís Employee of the Month.  Jim Girard has been a full time employee of the Town of Pittsfield for five years.  During that time Jim has been responsible for a variety of programs.  He has been a constant mentor to the member of the full time staff sharing his knowledge of EMS and fire fighting with new members and is always ready to help in with any project.

Jim has been In charge of the Fire Department Explorer post for the last three years.  In his capacity as the program director he has influenced a number of former Explorers as they became eligible for membership as volunteer fire fighters.

Jim has accepted the responsibility for vehicle maintenance of the ambulances and schedules routine service.  Jim applies his skill as an electrician to repair electrical problems with the vehicles and often saves the Department expensive repairs.

Recently Jim chaired the new ambulance committee and developed the specification for the new ambulance that was delivered to the Town early this year.  The unit was delivered with over $11,000.00 of extras at no cost to the Town.  Jim has invested considerable time into installation of equipment and placing the unit in service.

Jimís emergency response skills are exemplary and his performance reviews demonstrate a consistent dedication to his profession.   We are fortunate to have Jim as an employee and we appreciate all the services that he provides he provides to our town.


Officer Tanya Emerson

Employee of the Month - February 2009



The Select board is proud to announce Officer Tanya Emerson as Februaryís employee of the month.  Officer Emerson has been with the Pittsfield Police Department for over six years.  Officer Emersonís commitment to providing the highest level of services to our community truly shines out in such programs as the bike rodeo, explores program and national night out.  Officer Emersonís professionalism, dedication, and passion for excellence are great assets to our police department.  Officer Emerson's style is community oriented and she strives hard to protect our citizens.  Most recently, Officer Emerson applied her law enforcement experience along with her investigational skills to solve an armed robbery at the K-2 market.  Officer Emersonís attentions to detail, powers of deduction and desire to go that extra step during this investigation have made our streets a safer place.  Officer Emersonís continued efforts to be the best at what she does benefits her profession.  Officer Emerson has served the department and the town with excellence and hard work and we would like to recognize her for that.


Officer Richard Wiltshire

Employee of the Month - January 2009


The Select board is proud to announce Officer Richard Wiltshire as Januaryís Employee of the Month.  Officer Wiltshire has been with the Pittsfield Police Department for about six years.  Officer Wiltshire volunteers many hours of time for a variety of town events.  National Night Out successfully continues each year due to individuals like officer Wiltshire who is dedicated to providing information, listen to citizens and reaching out to those that are in need.  Officer Wiltshire is friendly, courteous and respectful of others.  Officer Wiltshire works effectively with his peers and supervisors to accomplish work projects and departmental goals.  Officer Wiltshire is industrious, punctual and task orientated. Officer Wiltshire is quick to grasp instructions to meet changing conditions or problem solving situations. Officer Wiltshire is enthusiastic towards his job and shows a great interest in furthering his training and education to better serve our town and citizens.  Officer Wiltshireís dedication and community involvement has not gone unnoticed and reflects credit on him and the Police Department.

George Bachelder

Employee of the Month - December 2008



The Select board is proud to announce George Bachelder as Decemberís Employee of the month.  George has been with our town for over twenty six years and is currently our Superintendent of the Public Works Department.  George is a dedicated hard working employee who goes above and beyond the call of duty.  George is faced with all types of challenges in which Mother Nature is the aggressor of.  George remains calm, strategizes, communicates and implements the best plan of action to remedy the situation.  George is dependable, courteous, professional and respectful of others.  George can be relied upon to make appropriate decisions with the changing of circumstances.  George is a preventative planner setting long term goals for equipment replacement and future purchases.  George has proven to be an effective leader by setting examples for his employees, requiring essential training, proposing responsible budgets and successful department employee retention.  With unforeseen disasters, George is quick to react, pulling together resources that will allow him to prevail. Broken equipment, ice storms, floods, tornado, record breaking snow storms, the safety of our citizens is the Public works departmentís first priority.  We are very fortunate to have such an outstanding public works superintendent and we would like to commend George for all that he has done for our town.


Ron Vien

Employee of the Month - November 2008


The Select board is proud to announce Ron Vien as Novemberís Employee of the Month.  Ron has been with our town for seventeen years and is presently the superintendent at the Waste Water Treatment Plant.  Ron is professional, respectful of others and has a very helpful attitude.  Ron is dedicated to his job and is rarely ever absent.  Ron is efficient and keeps accurate timely records of all required tests.  Ronís broad knowledge and creative thinking ensure that all the operations at the WWTP run smoothly and successful with desired results.  Ron is a solid supervisor with a good sense of balance when making important decisions.  Ron is dependable, open mind and is willing to try new technologies to save money and improve operations.  Ron is a positive thinker that embraces solutions and compromises rather than standing still.  Our town is extremely fortunate to have such an outstanding employee and we appreciate all that you do.     

Brian Eldredge

Employee of the Month - October 2008



The Select Board is proud to announce Brian Eldredge as Octoberís employee of the month. Brian has worked for the Public Works Department for almost three years as a heavy equipment operator.  Brian strives hard to achieve an exceptionally high output of work in a short amount of time.  This allows the department the ability to complete projects well ahead of schedule.  Brian is dependable, prompt and punctual.  When conditions are at their worse, you can be assured that Brian will work non-stop until the situation is under control.  Brian is self starter and is safety conscious.  Brian promotes safety in the work place especially when it comes to using equipment.  He never allows anyone to be in an unsafe position or to use equipment for something it is not designed to do.  Brian is exceptionally keen and alert and is dedicated to keeping our roads safe to travel on during the winter months.  Brian shows a great interest in the job and requires minimal supervision with all phases of work.  Brian is maintenance conscious with the townís equipment to ensure its durability and longevity.  Brian is a true asset to the Public Works Department and we are fortunate to have him as an employee for our town.


Cara Marston

Employee of the Month - September 2008



The Select Board is proud to announce Cara Marston as Septemberís employee of the month.  Cara has been with our town for about seven years.  As the towns Administrative assistant Cara constantly tackles a variety of responsibilities.  Cara posses strong leadership qualities and has made the many employee transitional processes progress smoothly.  ďItís not my jobĒ is simply not in Caraís vocabulary.  She is prompt, dedicated, professional, and is team orientated.  Caraís warm smile and courteous greetings are what you are sure to receive whenever you enter into the town hall requesting information.  Cara is attentive, patient and respectful of each and every citizens needs.  Caraís harmonic attitude calms even the most difficult and frustrating situations.  Cara thrives under pressure and enjoys solving problems that arise.  Cara works extremely well with others and demonstrates exceptional interpersonal skills.  Cara is enthusiastically committed to her job and is inspiring to others.  Cara challenges herself by setting high goals and strives incessantly to achieve them.  We are fortunate to have Cara as an employee and we appreciate her dedication and service to our town.


Jennifer Tedcastle

Employee of the Month - August 2008


The Select Board is proud to announce Jennifer Tedcastle as Augusts Employee of the month.  Jen has been with the Fire Department for about ten years.  Jen started out as a volunteer fire fighter and with her desire and compassion to help others, she has been driven to many beneficial achievements.   Jen is professional, courteous, considerate, and dependable.  Jen demonstrates solid leadership, stays calm under pressure, is dedicated to her job, and consistently stays involved with the community.  During Jenís time of service with our town, her accomplishments have been very impressive and should be acknowledged.  Jen has successfully completed fire fighter two training, paramedic training, physicianís assistant qualifications, captain level ranking, and a masters degree.  Jen is accurate and efficient with required record keeping files and reports.  Jen maintains a helpful attitude, which contributes to a positive team work atmosphere with in the fire department.  Jenís ongoing development and educational status, allows our community to receive the highest standard of medical services available.  We are fortunate to have Jen as an employee and we appreciate all the services she provides for our town.

Delores Fritz

Employee of the Month - July 2008


The Select board is proud to announce Delores Fritz as Julyís Employee of the Month. Delores has been with our town for just about two years.  Delores works at the town hall as a secretary during the day and in the evenings, she is the recording secretary for the Select board, Zoning board and Planning board.  Delores is an exceptional employee who posses many professional skills that deserve to be acknowledged.  Delores is courteous, conscientious, thoughtful and dependable.  Deloresís friendly smile and respectful influence towards others, creates a positive, productive, teamwork atmosphere.  As a town hall receptionist her skills are among the highest quality and are an asset for the continual deliverance of great customer service for our citizens.  Deloresís willingness to take on more responsibilities demonstrates her desire to deliver successful results, for our ever changing demands in town.  Deloresís never-falling professionalisms during the many board meetings she attends have not gone unnoticed.  We commend her attention to detail and her thoroughness when recording essential minutes of our various board meetings.  Thanks to her efficiencies citizens are able to retrieve accurate information in a timely manner.  We are fortunate to have Delores as an employee and we appreciate her dedication and service to our town.

Officer John Webber

Employee of the Month - June 2008

The select board is pleased to announce Officer John Webber as June's Employee of the month.  Officer Webber has been with the Police Department for three years and consistently stays involved with our town on a variety of levels.  Officer Webber possesses great public relation skills, professionalism, dependability, and thoughtfulness. Officer Webber is enthusiastic in his desire to develop his skills as an officer. Officer Webber is actively involved with the Explorers Program, Teaches the Dare Program, Secretary for the Pittsfield Drug and Alcohol Coalition, organizes national night out, contact for neighborhood watch program, and teaches children about bike safety and respecting each other.  We are very fortunate to have Officer Webber as an employee and commend him for his instrumental efforts. Officer Webberís dedication and community involvement has not gone unnoticed and reflects credit on him and the Police Department.

The Town of Pittsfield NH is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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